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Its name, totenkopf, is german for deaths head the skull and crossbones symbol and it. The ss stosstrupp adolf hitler was a number of thingshitlers body guard, law enforcement duties, concentration camp controllers, and soldiers the waffenss. Damals back then is a 814 x 1118 inch, 120 page very, very heavily illustrated hard cover remembrance book of the great days of the sstotenkopf division battling through france in 1940 by ss war correspondents ege, bauer and bonda as printed by christian belser in stuttgart for the ss fuhrungshauptamt in berlin in 1941. A much sort after edition of the ss leitheft with the ss honour ring runic elements on the front cover. Using modern tools not available to previous authors on this subject, craig gottlieb paints a comprehensive picture of the totenkopf ring and the man who was behind it reichsfuhrerss heinrich himmler. Reference book on the ss totenkopf ring by gottlieb. It pertains to the ss honor ring and gives much information on it but also has some misinforation or wrong information in my personal opinion having examined more original honor rings and honor ring boxes then anyone. The skull and runic symbols are highly defined with outstanding relief on the exterior and the teeth on the skull remain intact and sharply defined. Actually, several companies made these rings, to include some of the companies that our now. Ss ehrenring honor ring given to benjamin meed on october 24, 1992, by a liberator, who removed it from the finger of an ss officer in germany in 1945. In 2017 i wrote the book ss totenkopfring himmleruv prsten cti. The rest of the ring is the classic totenkopf ehrenringe. Silver jewelry has been tested to and complies with stamped per. German ww2 nazi ss totenkopf himmler honor ring book by don boyle signed 250.

But in 1929 command of the ss was handed to heinrich himmler, a littleknown office clerk from munich. Sep 30, 2017 how the ss became nazi germanys most ruthless killers. The unauthorized acquisition of duplicate ring were forbidden and punishable by law. Ww2 german nazi items for sale, original waffen ss, wehrmacht, holocaust concentration camps, anti jewish with free worldwide shipping. Ss totenkopf ehrenrings heinrich himmler honor rings.

Inside the book you will find described fates of 26 officers whose rings i have in the collection. When a german left the ss or died they were required to return the ring to the reichfuhrer ss. The deaths head ring cannot be bought or sold and must never fall into the hands of those not entitled to wear it. Interesting articles including one on the sippenorden.

Most interesting at wewelsburg castle, was the stone circle in the middle of the crypt, where the eternal flame used to burn over the casket of totenkopf rings that had been presented to ss officers by himmler, and then taken back to the castle on their death. The ss totenkopf honor ring was at primary introduced to senior officers of the old guard. The rings were awarded from the years 1933 to 1945 with the 45 ring still bearing its 1944 dates. The unofficial name is totenkopf or deaths head ring.

The ss honour sword and ss honour dagger were similar awards. See additional information for shipping dimensions. Gottlieb draws on a body of over 200 examples to document currently believed notions about the ring. If you are interested in buy some ring, or sell your ring let me know. This is the official wedding ring of the allgemeine ss that mr.

Astonishingly, the most detailed and reliable history, by the german journalist heinz hohne, was published over 40 years ago. Also covered are design background, construction techniques, and an indepth analysis of the physical characteristics of rings. This unique ring from historical world war two german ss ehrenring ss honour ring is an exact hand crafted sterling silver replica of the rings from the best fighters that took part in wwii the legendary waffen ss. With the advent of the warsaw uprising, totenkopf was sent in to help reclaim the city.

Ss totenkopf ring, third reich ss engagement ring and a. Our inventory has been utilized by television, movie studios and theaters. All rings had the beneficiarys name, the honor date, and himmlers mark engraved on the inside. Although don is most widely known for his expertise on ss honor rings, hitler and himmler artifacts and signatures and all ss objects he is also well versed on all third reich related subjects. Written by one of the worlds leading figure modellers, this guide features a main pattern of waffen ss camouflage and dress and describes in clear, stepbystep instructions how to achieve these finishes.

After the soviet operation bagration and the destruction of army group centre the german lines had been pushed back over 300 miles, to the outskirts of warsaw. There are 19 classic chevrolet nova sss for sale today on. A second ss division, the ss totenkopf, was formed from ss tv concentration camp guards, and a third, the ss polizei, was created from police volunteers. The ranks include distinctive insignia designs worn on the collar points by all officers. The bind rune was designed by wiligut, and spells gott the german word for god. I spent 2 years by writing and searching in archives to save their story for you and the next generations.

He practically wore the ring for only four years, moreover, in the prewar era, so it couldnt be damaged, as we know for rings that were worn until 1945. The book, now long out of print, is titled ss totenkopf h. Zpracovani osobnich udaju muzete ovlivnit upravou svych preferenci ochrany soukromi. How the ss became nazi germanys most ruthless killers the. It was not a state decoration, but rather a personal gift bestowed by himmler. The distinctive insignia were worn as cap or collar devices on many unique paramilitary and military uniforms. Ss totenkopf honor ring high grade reddick militaria. Mistakenly called the ss wedding band because of its appearance, it is approximately 7mm wide by 2mm thick.

The award was both a product of, and a source nourishment to hint of arrogance that surrounds all military units that consider themselves elite. Stainless steel orings are commonly used for pet collars, purses, bags, belts high fashion style clothing and so much more. The ss gained control over its own recruitment, logistics, and supply systems for its armed formations at this time. Ss panzerdivision totenkopf 1 was one of 38 divisions of the waffen ss of nazi germany during world war ii.

Home german postww2 books reference book on the ss totenkopf ring. Ss totenkopf deaths head ring taken from an ss officer by. Don boyle and the wikipedia sserenring article german daggers. This is one of the finest totenkopfrings ever offered by oakleaf militaria. Advanced figure sculpting techniques, including conversions, are also covered, providing. Ss units were transformed during the polish campaign into a fighting force responsible for horrific atrocities. We carry high quality german militaria, for reenactors, collectors, historians and entertainment industry for the preservation of history. Thats why dietrichs ss totenkopfring is in such a great condition.

This mint ring displays 100% detail in its skull and runes panels. This ss nazi honor ring is assembled as a 2 piece ring with the totenkopf skull being silver soldered on to the rings band at the front over the sizing seam. Heydrich proclamations, concentration camp ids, ss rings, sstotenkopf and waffenss books, ss typewriters, ss file material, etc. The ss totenkopf ring was one of the highest awards that could be presented to an ss person. I highly recommend this book to any beginners or advanced collectors of the silver ss honor ring and let it be part of your personal library. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

Early on, there was competition between the sa and the ss to be devoted to hitler. They were a creation of the ss designers rather than historical runes. Gaspare sent me an emial on some information listed on wikipedia. German ww2 ss ajack k98 mauser rifle side rail sniper scope base matching case. The ring was awarded by heinrich himmler to the schutzstaffel ss. This volume examines the work of the ss from 19391945. Its formations included men from nazi germany, along with volunteers and conscripts from both occupied and unoccupied lands.

It is thought that between 15000 and 20000 totenkopf were awarded to ss men between 1933 1945. Bullion officer collar tabs our bullion collar tab pairs feature meticulous handembroidery work, rivaling the best originals. Each ring was presented with a citation which read i award you the ss deaths head ring. The ss honor ring, sometimes incorrectly referred to as the wedding ring, was given by heinrich himmler as an award to ss officers. The skull, or totenkopf, has all the proper features and the body of the ring has the correct runic symbols running around the outside. I am still doing research and love the photos and time put into this very special book. Siegfrieds recreation rings germania international. So, they will work when for folks that spend a lot of time in and around fresh or salt water. Thanks to the new no shrink molding proceedures the ring is a full 7mm. They are williguts variation of the gibor rune plus a bind rune for o and t. Enter your mobile number or email address below and well send you a link to download the free kindle. Most of the books ive read are full of the hype of how well ge and other companies has done. Although we have handed the ring to experts from time to time and asked them if they saw anything different only one of five has ever seen the tiny change.

The schutzstaffel german for protective echelon was founded in 1925 and served as nazi party leader adolf hitlers 18891945 personal bodyguards. Ss leitheft with ss honour ring runic elements to cover ns. Following is the list of persons holding the title positions as well as actual highest ranks of the schutzstaffel ss since the earliest inception of the armed ss units in nazi germany. Best totenkopf ring reproductions axis history forum. Modelling a waffenss figure ssschutze, 3rd sspanzer.

The rings, also called totenkopfrings deaths head rings, were engraved with himmlers name and were a highly prized award for ss officers. Award of the ring could be postponed if the prospective holder had been punished for contravention of the ss discipline code. Waffenss death head ss em nco skull totenkopf cap insignia death head totenkopf ss skull bevo woven cap insignia totenkopf ss skull on factory roll gewebter mutzen totenkopf teschio ss 1 piece on stock ss teschio height of skull 3. Don boyle, recognized as the worlds leading authority on ss honor rings has rated our kroeger honor ring as the finest reproduction of an ss totenkopf honor ring i have ever seen. Totenkopf honor rings german fallschirmjager, waffen ss. We are proud to present to you this unique ring from historical world war two german ss ehrenring ss honour ring is an exact handcrafted sterling silver replica of the rings from the best fighters that took part in wwii the legendary waffen ss. The 3rd waffenss panzer division totenkopf, 19431945. However, it ranked as a senior award within the ss brotherhood, recognizing the wearers personal achievement, devotion to duty, and loyalty to the. Schwarz, karl ullrich, herbert schulze, emil klein, robert gies etc. Ss honor ring repro, copy ss ehrenring, high quality ss. The totenkopf deaths head was one of the most readily recognized symbols of the nazi schutzstaffel ss, adolf hitlers elite black guard and ideal teutonic knighthood, along with other select germanic political and armed forces of the third reich period. The ring symbolizes our loyalty to the fuehrer, our steadfast obedience and our brotherhood and comradeship. A history of the division and millions of other books are available for amazon kindle. The schutzstaffel was formed in 1925 as an elite bodyguard unit, and for almost a decade was nothing more than a subunit of the larger sturmabteilung sa.

A second book that i rate as highly as trangs is paul carells operation barbarossa in photographs which amazon also sellsboth books are a must have for the german ww2 enthusiast. Since then, there have been detailed scholarly studies of aspects of the organisations history, but nobody has pulled all this work together into a fully satisfactory synthesis, and much research still needs to be done. Totenkopf rings were awarded between 1933 and 1945 approximately 15,000 rings were made and had been presented to qualifying ss members. Don boyle, the author of the hornbook for the collecting of honor rings. The ring is wreathed in oak, the traditional german leaf. A must have book for anyone interested in the waffen ss and totenkopf. Ss panzer division wiking was also a part of this corps. This is one of my favorite research books on the totenkopf ring and as it connects to the ss and nazi occult.

Himmler honor ring 19331945, shows one which he identifies as made by the hemmerle company. Find great deals on ebay for nazi ss ring and ww2 german ring. The only marking that should be on the inside band of an original totenkopf ring are as follows. Military headwear from many conflicts german, american, british, polish and various other historic caps and helmets this is very good quality late war reproduction m38 helmet which was sent to us by one of our customers who wanted a normandy camo scheme helmet. You are looking at a highquality copy of the small head totenkopf ring. Antifaschisten in ssuniform 1993 edition open library. Aug 23, 2010 we still know far too little about the ss. The history of the deaths head division, 194045 1st edition by mann, chris isbn. Ring totenkopf deaths head ring prestigious military award in germany during ww2. An illustrated history from munich to nuremberg 9780764330940 by gottlieb, craig and a great selection of similar new, used and collectible books available now at great prices. An illustrated history from munich to nuremberg gottlieb, craig on.

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